About me

Hiya! Welcome to my little space on the world wide web. My name is Angie. I’m a twenty-two year old girl from the Netherlands. I have recently received my BA in English Language & Culture and am currently pursuing my Master’s in English Literary Studies. In short: I love cats, writing, pretty dresses, Sundays, books, TV, and food. This blog was originally started in 2012, and previously known as Sunday Belle.

My blog is just for fun and sort of my creative outlet. I have a few things headings on the home page which I post most about:
My style. I would hardly call myself a fashion blogger but I really do love fashion!
Baking (and occasionally cooking). I really love baking (especially cupcakes!) and use my blog to show my bakings off! You will also find a few of my favourite recipes.
Beauty. I also love me some makeup! I like doing reviews, because I find them extremely helpful. I almost always read reviews before I buy anything, so I’d like to add my few cents. Posts on beauty may also include tutorials or just showing off when I had a particular good make up day!
Writing. Writing was my first love! One day I will finish a novel and I’d love to end up in television writing somehow. Right now I don’t have any posts about writing yet but I imagine I’d be sharing helpful tips and maybe some day even some of my own work!
Photography. I’d like to say I’m NOT a professional photographer by ANY means. On the contrary, I constantly forget what settings to use or what a F-stop is and what shutterspeed is best. But I intend to learn and share my journey!

Of course these are not the only things I will post about. Anything what is on my mind, really!
Hope you enjoy!