Hey guys, I’ve recently started ‘journalling’ so I thought I’d share a few pages I’ve done. The reason I put it between quotation marks is that my journalling definitely does not compare to the things you get when you type in ‘journalling’ into Pinterest – there are some real masterpieces in there! I’m guessing that my journal is more of an inspiration journal rather than an art journal. I sometimes feel like I might look a bit of a kindergartener just cutting and pasting pretty pictures into a collage but I don’t care, it’s been wonderfully therapeutic. I can definitely use it to wind down a bit (oh lord, guys, let me tell you that pursuing a Master’s Degree is NO JOKE and I also recently got a second job so I definitely need to wind down, haha).

cheesy as it may is this is my motto lately (aside from live & let live and carpe diem, ha)

speaking of kindergarteners, I used these kiddie type airbrush pens for the colours

I like this one best, I love the soft colours.

used those airbrush pens again with a letter stencil!

Do any of you ‘journal’ in any way? I’d love to see! Link me in the comments :D Or do you do something else craft-y to wind down?


dress ebay | flats the new yorker

Here’s an outfitpost (not the best quality, sorry, still getting the hang of photographing myself) featuring my new ombre, (temporarily) pink-chalked hair and this dress from Ebay. My review would be: pretty dress for barely 14 dollars of nice enough quality, although the neckline has a bit that is unlined which you may want to sew. For peope taller than 1.61, you probably want to wear it as a top!
That’s all folks, hope you are all well!


Hello lovely readers, I’m still very busy at the moment and a bit MIA at the commenting front but I’ll catch up with your blogs soon! In the meantime, I’ve got another poem I did to share. I submitted this to my (previous) university’s literary magazine and it was published along with a short story I wrote, so if you want to go take a look see the digital version here. My (ex) fellow students are way more talented than me so I do recommend to check out their works as well! Here it comes.

I am curious to hear what you think (like it? hate it? interpretations? thoughts?) and of course constructive criticsm is always appreciated too!