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Here’s an outfit I wore while in Berlin. Sorry, my face looks somewhat uncertain, because I was guiding my (non-photographer) sister in taking these and I was constantly asking ‘yeah? are they ok? did you get that?’ haha. I love the text on this tee. don’t forget to seize the day, guys!

Berlin Photo Diary

So my sis and I had a spur-of-the-moment thing and decided to go to Berlin last minute the other day! Here’s a little photo diary. :)

The Museuminsel has beautiful museum buildings. We ran out of time to actually visit one though.


Impressive art at the Eastside Gallery. This is a memorial for freedom, featuring over a hundred paintings by artists from all over the world, painted in 1990. Lots of it is damaged by graffit though, nowadays. (Thanks for the tip, Celeste!)


The Holocaust Memorial or Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Shamelessly borrowing from Wikipedia here: “the stelae are designed to produce an uneasy, confusing atmosphere, and the whole sculpture aims to represent a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason.” I could certainly feel that, I think you can kind of get the feeling from the second picture I took!

I was very excited to see Dunkin Donuts is a thing in Germany!

Bought some macarons at the KaDaWe, which is a luxury warehouse much like the Dutch Bijenkorf or English Harrods.

All in all, I don’t think Berlin will ever by my favourite city but I think it was definitely worth visiting, if not for all the history it breathes!

If you are interested in seeing a couple more pictures check out my Instagram and Flickr!

new domain // calling for button swaps

Hello, welcome to the new blog! As you can see, ohdaintyduck.blogspot.com has moved to ohdaintyduck.com. This will be the last time I switch things around, promise! As of right now there might be a few little faults with the site still, if you are having problems please feel free to let me know. Right now, the site is missing some things like menu etc. but I’m working on it – I just wanted to get the new domain live as soon as possible. Also, I am aware that www.ohdaintyduck.com does not work however ohdaintyduck.com does. I’m working on this too, just keep in mind to keep the www off if you’re typing the url in directly!

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So yeah, the blog is nearly done except a few things here and there but I’m hoping to have that fixed soon! Again I wanted to get the new domain up as soon as the possible so I can make the switch a bit smoother without having you guys confused as to what happened to the blog!

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Photography is definitely one of my favourite things so it’s a little weird that I don’t have anything under the photography tag yet. So I thought I’d show you some of the photos that are on my Flickr right now and I’ll be sure to share next time I have some photos! You can also follow my Flickr account. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome!

Do you guys have Flickr? If you do, be sure to leave the link, I would love to check yours out!


dress | h&m divided
photos by liz van ek

I wasn’t planning on posting so many outfit posts so close together, but I was at H&M Divided the other day and noticed that this dress was hanging on the sales rack. I thought I’d post in any case anyone wanted to go out and get it! I, of course, paid full price for it, so I cursed a bit when I saw it. But my sister always says, whenever I’m grumbling about one my items going on sale later, that ‘at least I got to enjoy it longer!’ to try and soften the pain. Speaking of my sister, she shot these photos too! I think this constitutes more as a ‘look at this freakin dress its sewww pretteh’ rather than ‘look how good I am in putting pieces together’ as you can’t even see my boots. But whatever. Look at this pretty freakin’ dress and my sister Liz’s awesome freakin’ photography skills (once again!)


Hey dear readers, here’s another selection of my fav instagram pics lately, if you like what you see you can follow me!

From top to bottom, left to right

Yay icecream with sprinkles! // Whenever I have some cheese… // I love going out for dinners especially during the summer! // Our neighbours have such a cute little kitty // booksbooksbooks! // Lush + lunch is a afternoon well spent! // meeting up with fellow blogger Susie from Even Sweeter Dreams // Her bakings are so yummy, no wonder she has her own catering company // zoo date! look at the little hoppy happy! // I was really excited about the World Cup, indeed // more lunch! // sundae // Asian food buffet with chocolate fountain! // did sister shoot for Father’s Day! // Amsterdam & pasta <3 // I love my Bowie mug! // Tommie is a dandy // Daisy is precious…


forever21 | shoes boohoo |  skirt river island | bag h&m |

photos by liz van ek Here’s another outfitpost, a very typically Angie one with polka dots, bows, knee highs and cats :) If I were a cartoon character I’m pretty sure this would be my uniform! Maybe also with a peter pan collar thrown in though… Anyway, I know the amount of photos is a bit excessive to the amount I usually post but my sister did such a bang up job taking these pictures of me it would be a shame not to share them! I’m actually quite a difficult ‘model’ to work with since I am NOT photogenetic at all – 9 out of 10 photos are extremely derpy or plain ugly. So be impressed with my sister cause I love these photos! On another note: Oh Dainty Duck has hit 100 followers! It’s actually at 112 now, yay! I always make it a point to check out each followers’ blog, and comment on other blogs as much as possible, but I have been extremely busy and still will be the following week, so I’m quickly posting this outfitpost that has been sitting in my concepts folder. As soon as everything dies down I will be back to commenting and checking out each and every lovely follower’s  blog! In the meantime, if you have a post you really want me to comment on please do leave the link! I’ll be thinking how to celebrate the 100 followers milestone :)


OK, so I’m a little nervous to share this post. I’ve been wanting to make this blog a little bit more personal for a while. I love writing and have done so ever since I was young, so I have had the ‘WRITING’ category up here for ages though I’ve never dared to share anything. However, that’s going to change now – here’s a poem I wrote… here it goes… please be gentle!

What do you think? Horribly pretentious? Sounds like an emo teenager? Haha, those are my biggest fears. I’m really curious to hear what you think though and whether you would think it is cool if I uploaded more. And for the literature nerds among us, who/what do you think influenced me?


Would you look at this magnificent, 120 colour palette I got from Ebay. Apparantly it’s exactly the same palette as the ones from Coastal Scents but you can get it much cheaper on Ebay if you shop around right.

The palette has 3 layers with 120 colours, which means a LOT of choice. Pay-off and application differs between colours, with the darker colours being more pigmented than the lighter ones. They are quite delicate though and do have fall out. In temrs of endurance, I think they last pretty well, but then again I never really notice a difference between brands because my eyes are quite water-y and I need to reapply anyway if I want to go a full day and night. If I pack these on thick with a primer underneath, they will last me quite a couple of hours though.

They come in a black sleek packaging (see picture below). The case is not too sturdy but as long as you do not toss it around you should be good!

I think this palette is perfect if you like messing around with makeup and/or want to see what colours suit you or don’t suit you.  You can buy it here.


dress ebay| boots offbrand
photos by liz van ek

So people kept telling me to watch Game of Thrones and a couple of weeks ago I finally did. I had  a week off while waiting for my supervisor to read and give feedback to my thesis draft, so I bingewatched Game of Thrones. Needless to say, I am hooked. So when I saw this dress on Ebay I immediately snapped it up. It’s the map of Westeros! A little review for those who might want it (click on ‘ebay  underneath the photos for the link) I am 1.60 and it’s perfect size for me, already a bit short though as you can see so if you are taller I would probably not buy it (or wear shorts underneath or smth). I am pleasantly surprised with the quality though, its a nice thick shiny fabric but it isn’t too heavy and still breathes. I wonder how long the print will last though!We’ll see.  There are other prints as well – a house Tangaryen one, a house Stark one and the Iron Throne print. So how many of you watch Game of Thrones too? And how many of you like to wear clothing that reflect your favourite shows/book etc? I’ll be curious to hear!