so guys argh I fucked up. I had a vlog ready (YES. a vlog. me talking to a camera. it was weird) about a candy swap I did with Jaz Minnie from the blog Love, Jaz Minnie. I had it all edited, with the sound modified because my webcam is shitty, which took me several hours to do. And then it failed to upload to Youtube and apparantly I’m a dumbfuck and deleted it from my computer. IT ISN’T ENTIRELY LOST THOUGH. I still have the clips (I think most of them in any case) so I’m just going to have to edit again when I have the time. Which I don’t, right now. So. For now, have another Instagram lately (which has been too long anyway!)

From top to bottom, left to right

The candyswap with Jaz // Little Skye loves to drink from the tap! // gave the cat some nip. Daisy and Skye were supercute but Tommie… err… /// went to see the Hunger Games with my pin on! now I want a black one too // got a bit hooked to making smoothies // had the annual birthday dinner with a group of my lovely friends! // went out to lunch because FOOD // Suzy & I progressed into being cat ladies when we bought this huge ass expensive scratching post! // Daisy discovered sleeping on my head is comfy // I don’t know how to diet // went FULL cat ladies when we bought doll beds from Ikea for the cats. they each have one. heh /// discovered the yummiest pancakes ever, if you’re ever in Amsterdam go to the Upstairs pancake house on the Grimburgwal! // enjoyed the Lucky Chars Jaz send me, you lucky Americans // dad’s girlfriend very cleverly made tulips out of tomatoes, creamcheese and chives! // Zoey came to live with us! she actually jumped up and off my lap when I was making this post and is now sleeping on my bed, aww.



blouseĀ primark | bowtie ASOS| skirt ebay | blazer vintage | shoes offbrand

First outfitpost of 2015! Hopefully there is tons more to come, cause if you think about it, I’ve had this blog for three years and only 14 outfit posts. Bad bad blogger. So being a better blogger is definitely a New Year’s Resolution. So far so good, right? This post looks very similar to my last outfit post but a little bit more upgraded because I’ve got this pretty bowtie now instead of the single tie. I love the bow a lot, it’s definitely right up my alley! Also love this vintage Bandolera blazer I bought for very cheap. I love me some tartan. Blouse + bow + blazer is pretty going to be my go-to outfit.

Hope you like!


Hello lovely readers, I want to wish you a happy new year and here’s to a great 2015!

Did you know I started the blog on January 1, 2012? So this means the blog is 3 years old as of today! And I’m still a crap blogger. Oops. Hopefully I’ll be able to step up my blogging game in the new year :)

Also, I’ve reached 200 followers now (yeah that took me three years, wow such good blog much amaze) and if it stays that way I’m going to have to try and pull a little giveaway together soon. Well, probably not soon. But sometime.


EBAY LOVE: cupidgift planners

I used to never really use a planner that much. Most of my plans and homework were synchronized to my phone, anyway. But now that I’ve gotten super busy with my Master’s Degree and 3 sidejobs (sorry for mentioning it again haha, this will be the last time because I do not want to be THAT ~oh my God you guys I’m sew much busier than anyone~ person) I found that it is not only way easier to have everything on paper and in one place, it is also much more fun to have something visually stimulating to work from! So I started looking for the perfect planner and thought I’d share this amazing Ebay seller I found, since its December already and thus almost a new year, maybe you’re up for a new planner, too. These are so pretty and cute, I think most of them are from Korean brands. They are not supercheap though – then again I am the kind of nut who collects way too expensive notebooks from Paperblanks so I do find them reasonably priced, around 20 euros. Anyway, enough talk, on to the pretties!

1. pastel colours
2. my little book
3. houndstooth & other prints
4.un jour de reve
5. index diary
6. petit a paris
7. pattern monthly planner

more at cupidgift‘s page


blouse (without tie) H&M | skirt ebay | cardigan offbrand* | shoes primark

Whaat? another post so soon! yes! I thought why not shoot a outfit post real quick. If my sister helps me, it doesn’t need to take a lot of time (as opposed to me trying to shoot myself, ha). For the Dutch people here, I got this cardigan at, yes, ACTION for 6 or 7 euros. And it is so so comfy. Hope you like!

Little update

I’m a bad blogger! I know! Haven’t updated in over a month! I’m very sorry, but I’ve been very busy. I’m fully enjoying doing my Master’s Degree as it is very likely that this will be my last year as a student, and in addition I’m working three sidejobs so I’m sure you can imagine why I didn’t have much energy to blog. However, because I’m so busy I started planning better and I think if I plan blogging into it, I might be able to do it more often. But we’ll see – it should stay fun ofcourse. Anyway, while I don’t have much time to blog, I do post a lot on Instagram. So I just wanted to give you a little update on things that I’d probably normally share on the blog, but now haven’t due to time constraints. Using pics from Instagram, so sorry if you have seen them before!

I did mention that I was done with my bachelor’s degree before, but didn’t tell you about my graduation ceremony, I think. I ACTUALLY DID A SPEECH GUYS. Socially-anxious, clumsy, trip-over-your-own-feet me. And it actually went pretty well! I also changed my hair to a ombre for a bit. I never shot outfit posts with either my graduation dress or ombre hair unfortunately. Just didn’t get to make the time.

I also celebrated my 23th birthday in October. I didn’t make a too big of a fuss and just hosted a high tea for some of my closest friends. The best gift I got was my sister’s: it’s that pretty little kitty on top there, who I named Skye (after Skye on Agents of SHIELD of course!). Earlier this month, my sis and I achieved full crazy cat lady status by buying a way too expensive scratching post. I had to plant Tommie on top of it for that picture haha.
And then I already got sick of my ombre hair, tried to dye it pastel, fucked up horribly, and then decided to chop my hair short again. Which is better, because I didn’t want to show up with green hair for my new job, haha.

I also saw my follower count going to 200 but as of now it is back to 199, so no party yet guys! Thanks to everyone who is patiently sticking with me and my sporadic blogging. Much obliged! I could say I’ll try to blog more but yeah… empty words. We’ll see. I do enjoy it so I certainly won’t disappear in any case.

PS: I accidentally clicked “Mark All As Read” in Bloglovin and I’m too tired to figure out what I missed. Please, if you have a post you think I’d like, feel free to link me in the comments. Or mail me or tweet me or what have you!


Hey guys, I’ve recently started ‘journalling’ so I thought I’d share a few pages I’ve done. The reason I put it between quotation marks is that my journalling definitely does not compare to the things you get when you type in ‘journalling’ into Pinterest – there are some real masterpieces in there! I’m guessing that my journal is more of an inspiration journal rather than an art journal. I sometimes feel like I might look a bit of a kindergartener just cutting and pasting pretty pictures into a collage but I don’t care, it’s been wonderfully therapeutic. I can definitely use it to wind down a bit (oh lord, guys, let me tell you that pursuing a Master’s Degree is NO JOKE and I also recently got a second job so I definitely need to wind down, haha).

cheesy as it may is this is my motto lately (aside from live & let live and carpe diem, ha)

speaking of kindergarteners, I used these kiddie type airbrush pens for the colours

I like this one best, I love the soft colours.

used those airbrush pens again with a letter stencil!

Do any of you ‘journal’ in any way? I’d love to see! Link me in the comments :D Or do you do something else craft-y to wind down?


dress ebay | flats the new yorker

Here’s an outfitpost (not the best quality, sorry, still getting the hang of photographing myself) featuring my new ombre, (temporarily) pink-chalked hair and this dress from Ebay. My review would be: pretty dress for barely 14 dollars of nice enough quality, although the neckline has a bit that is unlined which you may want to sew. For peope taller than 1.61, you probably want to wear it as a top!
That’s all folks, hope you are all well!


Hello lovely readers, I’m still very busy at the moment and a bit MIA at the commenting front but I’ll catch up with your blogs soon! In the meantime, I’ve got another poem I did to share. I submitted this to my (previous) university’s literary magazine and it was published along with a short story I wrote, so if you want to go take a look see the digital version here. My (ex) fellow students are way more talented than me so I do recommend to check out their works as well! Here it comes.

I am curious to hear what you think (like it? hate it? interpretations? thoughts?) and of course constructive criticsm is always appreciated too!


Hey guys! Whew, I’ve been a bit MIA, sorry! Summer holidays are over and university has started again. I’m having a bit of trouble with adjusting to the swing of things – after obtaining my bachelor’s degree (yay!) I’ve moved on to doing a Masters but at a different university. Sentimental heart that I have, I am not adjusted yet to the new situation and am feeling a little bit homesick to my wee little University of Amsterdam… Coupled with everyone back from holidays wanting to meet up again, on the other hand saying goodbye to other people who leave again, and having a load of coursework assigned already, the blog has fallen a bit to the background. However, I’ll be fine and I’ll try to get back into more regular blogging soon! Especially since I’m now close to 200 followers, wow! Welcome new followers :) I usually check all of your blogs out in return but with everything happening this will be delayed a bit… Anyway, in the mean time, here’s another Instagram Lately, which I know is a bit of a cop out, but it will have to do for now.

From top to bottom, left to right

Thrifted some teacups in preparation for the high tea I’ll be hosting for my birthday in October! // Starbucks cheesecake, yummm! // Amsterdam is so beautiful! // Tommie is actually gorgeous sometimes // Tried to draw Daisy // made some cupcakes // went out for lunch a bunch of course // flowers received for obtaining my Bachelor’s degree! // went to Berlin of course! // bought this awesome welcome mat // It was actually sunny in the Netherlands over the summer! // made the yummiest banana pancakes. I’m going to have to take some proper pics and share the recipe!