If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already noticed that this beautiful bad boy is now mine. I’m having such fun with it so far! Yay, expect lots of pretty pictures!

xo Angie


my favourite instagram shots. 1. ice skating rink in Amsterdam. 2. homemade cupcake and cheesecake (recipe will be up soon) 3. coffee 4. Mickey 5. Purple sky 6. Homemade princess cupcake 7. Homemade colourful cupcakes 8. Colourful 9. Homemade blue cupcakes 10. friends on the beach 11. puffs 12. Chaucer 13. Mitzy the bunny in the sink 14. Amsterdam 15. homemade Nutella-hazelnut cake 16. Johnny cupcakes. find my entire feed here

Instagram is a fun app for the iPhone to share pictures and edit them. Me, being a fan of photography, instantly became a fan! Pictured above are some of my favourite shots. In case you want to follow me, my name is angiefaith. Let me know who you are so I can follow you back.

I’ve always loved photography but never really owned a good camera. I planned on posting outfits on this blog, but then realized the camera I have now is not up for the job! (For the record, it still runs on batteries…) And, well, my cupcakes and other bakings deserve better photographs too, I think. So I’ve decided to save up for the Canon EOS 1100D. It’s not terribly expensive but it’s definitely a big step up for me! In the meantime I’m going to have to do with my instagram app ;)

Love, Angie