Photography is definitely one of my favourite things so it’s a little weird that I don’t have anything under the photography tag yet. So I thought I’d show you some of the photos that are on my Flickr right now and I’ll be sure to share next time I have some photos! You can also follow my Flickr account. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome!

Do you guys have Flickr? If you do, be sure to leave the link, I would love to check yours out!


I am so excited right now, guys! The endterms are over for me, and I passed my first one (a subject actually dubbed ‘hell’) with flying colours. Although for the other tests results are pending and I still might have to resit, I actually feared that one most so I am super glad. In addition, I’ve been contacted by PopAsia for a collaboration which you guys will see soon. It is going to be super cool! My OASAP dress should come in soon, too. Also I am going to make some delicious cupcakes this week. Yay! Life is good.

I realised I never showed you part two of my photography series, Beautiful town, I love you showcasing the beauty of Amsterdam. So here are some other shots I snapped that day. Again, I am no professional so any HELPFUl, constructive criticism is very welcome.

I’ve really grown to love this city!



Remember when I got that camera? And then I didn’t do anything with it? Well, now I have! I went with Ines (who is the Abed to my Troy) to take pictures of the beautiful city that our university is in: Amsterdam! We totally got our photographer on and I have decided that I should definitely carry my camera around more often. Here’s a few of my photos! I’m not posting everything right now because it would be too image heavy but also so I can spread it out in a few posts. By any means, I’m not a professional so I’d LOVE tips and helpful criticism.

love, Angie