Hi guys! The other day I realized I never really talk about make up on here, though I’m quite the enthusiast. I actually also quite have a collection of make up (especially nailpolish, heh). And then I thought maybe swatching and reviewing some stuff may be kind of cool to start doing. I am aware that there are loads of reviews of the same products out there, probably, but I’m just adding my two cents. Also, for eyeshadows etc I think it could be especially useful to have different reviews with different skintones. AND I JUST LIKE DOING IT. So, uh. Now that I’ve justified that, I’m just adding beauty to the long list of things I like blogging about.

First up: Essie nailpolish. Let me preface this by saying that I’ve tried dozens of nailpolish brands. I’ve used different topcoats and basecoats. But my nailpolish always, ALWAYS, no matter what I do, chips horribly after only one day. So when everyone started raving about Essie, I was skeptic. But… I’m convinced. I’ve tried three different colours from the brand and they are amazing. I’ve tested the colours without bothering to use basecoats and they all were chip-free after the first day! Heck, they even stayed pretty neat after a shower, with minor chipping. These must be even more amazing WITH basecoats. So yes, it’s true what they say, Essie IS amazing!

Forgive me if my fingers look a bit greasy, I use express dry drops to get my nails dry faster and took pictures right after, using flash, which isn’t helpful either. In reality they didn’t look like that at all. Also application is a bit sloppy because I’m very impatient with my nails. Maybe this will motivate me to be more precise! OK, here we go:

According to their website, this is a brick red colour. I kind of had to Google that because the bricks I’m used to, do not look like this! I would describe it as a dark aubergine, personally.

Skirting the issue
This is a beautiful deeper red colour, some reds make me feel a bit tacky but this one is pretty classy, I think. The only objection I have, that it kind of tricky to apply. It applies as a ‘gradient’, so to speak, and I didn’t get it right until I got to my pinky-finger, as you can see on the picture. If you look at the index finger, you can see that I tried to put on another layer and it didn’t look quite right. But, in hindsight, it didn’t even need another layer.

Midnight Cami
This is such a gorgeous colour and I picked it because it reminded me of Midnight Poison by Dior, my favourite fragrance ever (too bad Dior isn’t going to make it anymore apparantly, but that’s off topic.) It’s a deep blue with shimmer in it. Love it!

The verdict: The three colours, Midnight Cami, Recessionista & Skirting the issue, I’ve tried by Essie were excellent. Definitely would buy again!

So that’s my two cents to the beauty blogging world, and it has been really fun! NOTE: I was NOT sponsored to write this post!

What is your favourite nailpolish brand? Which colour do you wear the most? Have you tried Essie, and did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Angie