So this is a story all about how, this cake got flipped, turned upside down!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have already seen me say this, but:
Do you know that feeling when you spend all day working on a cake and then you drop it?
Well… I do. Yesterday, it was my parents’ (or rather, my dad and his wife’s) 3rd year anniversary. So, obviously, I made a cake to celebrate this fact.
But not any old cake, oh no.
I had my heart set on making a layered cake and I think I underestimated it a little bit. I thought: just dump a smaller cake on a bigger cake and voila. OH, and while I’m at it, why don’t I cover this in fondant although I have never done this before and am not even sure how to?


So I baked two cakes, vanilla and chocolate batter.

Yum. At leat I had the sense to use a boxed mix instead of batter from scratch – boxed mixes are way more failproof.

Anyway, it took me a while to get them done all the way through, I kept adding more cooking time, but eventually they came out perfectly.

Luckily my sister came by, because the cake had to be done before my parents would be home and I had already spent over an hour just getting the base ready. Alas, I did not take many pictures during the process.

Here’s a picture of the chocolate base with white chocolate buttercream in between for good measure.

This is what I did, after the bases were cooled down:
1) Cut base in half and spread buttercream on one half. Press other half back on.
(The chocolate one was filled with white chocolate, the vanilla one with jelly.)
2) Spread buttercream all over the cake.
(For the chocolate one I used the same white chocolate buttercream, for the jelly one however I whipped up some vanilla buttercream.)
3) Roll out the fondant. Make sure you have enough.
(I didn’t, hence the wonky looking fondant…)
4) Lower fondant over cake and smoothen.
(Because I didn’t have enough, I couldn’t make it smooth, so it’s essential…)
5) Put small cake on top of big cake.
(If you go with more layers, you need something to support the cakes though)
6) Decorate.

Even though I didn’t buy enough fondant, I was really proud of what my sister and I did with the decorating. We covered up any holes by piping vanilla buttercream on it and then decorated with edible flowers.

The cake looked homemade, sure, but still impressive.

Full of pride we set out to take pictures of our hard work.

Pretty, huh? That is when it happened…
I thought I’d casually slide the cake a little bit closer, and then it TOPPLED OVER ONTO THE TABLE.

I don’t exactly remember what happened then, but according to big sis, I started screaming in sheer panic, something along the lines of “SUZY! SUZY! I’M GOING TO CRY! SUZY SUZY SUZY I’M GOING TO CRY, SUZY SUZY SUZY!”

My sister quickly put it back on the cakestand and luckily the cake was left relatively unscathed, aside from her fingerprints in the fondant and the text being all squished.

So glad we took pictures before it happened, though.

When the lovely couple arrived, they proclaimed to love the cake anyway. So after dinner, we sat down to enjoy it.

Here’s what it looks like from the inside. SO GOOD.

When my other sister went to cut herself another slice, guess what happened?


I guess I screamed again.

My dad went to put it back up, and when he did…


This time I just covered my face in anguish.

So that’s the story of how the cake for a THREE year anniversary, was dropped THREE times. Nevermind, the cake itself was SO GOOD though, even if it was a little beaten and ugly.

Want a piece?



As you might recall, PopAsia sent me this cute kitty cookie cutter. I wasted no time using it and baked these Hello Kitty cookies! Wanna know how, do you? OK, I will tell you ;)

You need:
250 gram butter
2 eggs
450 gram flour
a dash of salt
200 gram sugar
2 packets of vanilla sugar

First mix eggs, sugar (both the vanilla and regular one). Then add the butter and milk and briefly mix to blend all ingredients. Roll up in a ball, like this

and put in the fridge. After an hour, preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (= 356 degrees Fahrenheit) roll out the dough and cut out the kitties. Bake them around 16 minutes.

Now use the cookie cutter to cut out some white fondant

Use an edible ink pen to draw on eyes and whiskers, and use red fondant for the bows. This is how I made them:

First, make sure your hands are clean. Then roll a bit of fondant in the shape of one side of a bow. Pinch slightly. Use a modelling tool with a flat end (I think these are specially to make petals, but I can’t be too sure) and press into fondant. Repeat for other end. Then roll a tiny ball and press this one in the middle. You can glue this all together using sugar glue – a little bit of (confectioner’s) sugar and water.

Use this glue to put the fondant-kitty on the naked cookie kitty, as well.


Almost too cute to eat :)

Love, Angie


We had about a week of sun here in the Netherlands and right now it is back to coldness and rain. These cupcakes are basically me trying to cling to that summer feeling and/or hoping that that week wasn’t the only summer we’ll have this year. Anyway, if these don’t get you in a summer mood, I don’t know what will – there is tequila in it! Lots!

First, make your cupcakes. If you need a recipe for vanilla cupcakes, I have posted the Hummingbird Bakery recipe here.
When they are hot out of the oven, turn them out. Here is some more information about how I make sure my liner sticks to the cupcake.
Secondly, Mix some tequila with confectioner’s sugar and brush over naked cupcake.

For the buttercream:

250 gram of butter
7 tablespoons of tequila
1 packet of vanilla sugar
70 gram of confectioner’s sugar
Lemon juice
Two spoons of white chocolate paste (you could also just use melted white chocolate)
Candied lemon slices

Beat butter until fluffy. Add sugar, lemon juice, white chocolate and tequila to taste. You don’t actually need a lot of tequila – I might have gone overboard with 7 tablespoons, heh. You can make it less (or more, if you’re up for it.) Then pipe the buttercream on the cupcake and add a candied lemon slice. I found these ready-made in the store, but you can also use regular slices or other candies. I just really like the cocktail effect they give the cupcake!

Enjoy! And don’t eat these while driving, hahahaha!

Love, Angie