so guys argh I fucked up. I had a vlog ready (YES. a vlog. me talking to a camera. it was weird) about a candy swap I did with Jaz Minnie from the blog Love, Jaz Minnie. I had it all edited, with the sound modified because my webcam is shitty, which took me several hours to do. And then it failed to upload to Youtube and apparantly I’m a dumbfuck and deleted it from my computer. IT ISN’T ENTIRELY LOST THOUGH. I still have the clips (I think most of them in any case) so I’m just going to have to edit again when I have the time. Which I don’t, right now. So. For now, have another Instagram lately (which has been too long anyway!)

From top to bottom, left to right

The candyswap with Jaz // Little Skye loves to drink from the tap! // gave the cat some nip. Daisy and Skye were supercute but Tommie… err… /// went to see the Hunger Games with my pin on! now I want a black one too // got a bit hooked to making smoothies // had the annual birthday dinner with a group of my lovely friends! // went out to lunch because FOOD // Suzy & I progressed into being cat ladies when we bought this huge ass expensive scratching post! // Daisy discovered sleeping on my head is comfy // I don’t know how to diet // went FULL cat ladies when we bought doll beds from Ikea for the cats. they each have one. heh /// discovered the yummiest pancakes ever, if you’re ever in Amsterdam go to the Upstairs pancake house on the Grimburgwal! // enjoyed the Lucky Chars Jaz send me, you lucky Americans // dad’s girlfriend very cleverly made tulips out of tomatoes, creamcheese and chives! // Zoey came to live with us! she actually jumped up and off my lap when I was making this post and is now sleeping on my bed, aww.



  1. Hope you are doing great sweetie.. somehow you and the cats remind me of that ‘smiling cat’ of De Dampkring coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Have you heard of the cat?

  2. Lucky Charms are THE BEST… seriously, it’s such a good cereal. And that sucks about the vlog! :( I have my first video ready to upload too! Dude, talking to a camera is the weirdest thing ever!!


  3. It’s all about the insta-cats :)

  4. I’d have gone crazy if I’d lost something after all that work! It would probably make me not want to even look at it again to be honest… and diet schmiet – diets are so boring!

  5. omfg I know how you feel about the editing… My video is craptastic at best and it took me DAYS to mess around with. It can’t be worse than filming on your iPod touch, really.


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