Little update

I’m a bad blogger! I know! Haven’t updated in over a month! I’m very sorry, but I’ve been very busy. I’m fully enjoying doing my Master’s Degree as it is very likely that this will be my last year as a student, and in addition I’m working three sidejobs so I’m sure you can imagine why I didn’t have much energy to blog. However, because I’m so busy I started planning better and I think if I plan blogging into it, I might be able to do it more often. But we’ll see – it should stay fun ofcourse. Anyway, while I don’t have much time to blog, I do post a lot on Instagram. So I just wanted to give you a little update on things that I’d probably normally share on the blog, but now haven’t due to time constraints. Using pics from Instagram, so sorry if you have seen them before!

I did mention that I was done with my bachelor’s degree before, but didn’t tell you about my graduation ceremony, I think. I ACTUALLY DID A SPEECH GUYS. Socially-anxious, clumsy, trip-over-your-own-feet me. And it actually went pretty well! I also changed my hair to a ombre for a bit. I never shot outfit posts with either my graduation dress or ombre hair unfortunately. Just didn’t get to make the time.

I also celebrated my 23th birthday in October. I didn’t make a too big of a fuss and just hosted a high tea for some of my closest friends. The best gift I got was my sister’s: it’s that pretty little kitty on top there, who I named Skye (after Skye on Agents of SHIELD of course!). Earlier this month, my sis and I achieved full crazy cat lady status by buying a way too expensive scratching post. I had to plant Tommie on top of it for that picture haha.
And then I already got sick of my ombre hair, tried to dye it pastel, fucked up horribly, and then decided to chop my hair short again. Which is better, because I didn’t want to show up with green hair for my new job, haha.

I also saw my follower count going to 200 but as of now it is back to 199, so no party yet guys! Thanks to everyone who is patiently sticking with me and my sporadic blogging. Much obliged! I could say I’ll try to blog more but yeah… empty words. We’ll see. I do enjoy it so I certainly won’t disappear in any case.

PS: I accidentally clicked “Mark All As Read” in Bloglovin and I’m too tired to figure out what I missed. Please, if you have a post you think I’d like, feel free to link me in the comments. Or mail me or tweet me or what have you!


  1. Wow studying and three side jobs!? You have a good excuse for not blogging much!! Oh and your hair looks great, I love the ombré look!


  2. Woohoo!! Congratulations and GO YOU for doing a speech! Public speaking is terrifying. You rock!

  3. Glad everything is going great with you :) Take care sweetie!

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