Hey guys, I’ve recently started ‘journalling’ so I thought I’d share a few pages I’ve done. The reason I put it between quotation marks is that my journalling definitely does not compare to the things you get when you type in ‘journalling’ into Pinterest – there are some real masterpieces in there! I’m guessing that my journal is more of an inspiration journal rather than an art journal. I sometimes feel like I might look a bit of a kindergartener just cutting and pasting pretty pictures into a collage but I don’t care, it’s been wonderfully therapeutic. I can definitely use it to wind down a bit (oh lord, guys, let me tell you that pursuing a Master’s Degree is NO JOKE and I also recently got a second job so I definitely need to wind down, haha).

cheesy as it may is this is my motto lately (aside from live & let live and carpe diem, ha)

speaking of kindergarteners, I used these kiddie type airbrush pens for the colours

I like this one best, I love the soft colours.

used those airbrush pens again with a letter stencil!

Do any of you ‘journal’ in any way? I’d love to see! Link me in the comments :D Or do you do something else craft-y to wind down?


  1. Oooh this looks like a lot of fun! I’ve never done anything like this but i feel like I would really enjoy it. Your book looks great!! :)

  2. Wooow, I adore your journal! the collages are beautiful and well thought of, :D It perhaps feels like cuting and pasting, but it looks better than that! :D it’s lovely, and it makes me want to make a journal as well ^_^

  3. Aww, I think they look great! My blog is my journal :)

    (I do need to work more on art though, it really is very therapeutic!)

  4. Pfft. Forget Pinterest perfect journaling. Your pages are totally you and whatever inspired you – love them! I find magazine pages I like all of the time and have this huge stack to be incorporated into journaling. If ever I could find the time for it!

  5. Your journal is so beautiful! Have a great weekend!
    xo Hannah

    p.s. I am holding a giveaway for a cozy aztec cardigan over on my blog if you’d like to join here:

  6. A very great idea! I always wanted to do something like that but I never could find anything interesting enough to put in a journal. When I was in high school I used to draw something in my planner every week, whatever theme I had going on; for example for graduation week I drew a cap and decorated the page with drawings of confetti and such. Now that I’m no longer in school though, my weeks have no themes. It gets dull, I’ll admit. Very hard to keep myself entertained, but I do like the idea of journaling, perhaps I’ll start up my inspiration book again; although that was mostly words, not pictures.

  7. ooh, I adore this and always wanted to try that :D I think yours looks very pretty and inspiring *O*

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