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Here’s an outfitpost (not the best quality, sorry, still getting the hang of photographing myself) featuring my new ombre, (temporarily) pink-chalked hair and this dress from Ebay. My review would be: pretty dress for barely 14 dollars of nice enough quality, although the neckline has a bit that is unlined which you may want to sew. For peope taller than 1.61, you probably want to wear it as a top!
That’s all folks, hope you are all well!


  1. Do share some more photos of this dress when you have them – it looks like it has lots of ruffles, I wanna see!

    I’ve never tried hair chalks but they’ve come out so well on you here. I’d never have guessed that wasn’t a permanent dye job… mind you, I’m probably out of touch about these things! CC x

    • you can click on the link and you can see the Ebay image! its definitely very ruffle-y. But I’m thinking I should probably shoot this dress outside sometime anyway.

      Well, I did ombre my hair, so underneath it my hair’s blond, its just the pink that will wash out! And I think it looks brighter here than it was due to lightning…

  2. You’re gorgeous! I love your hair. :)

  3. Hair looks great!! Also practicing photographing myself… it’s tough but I want to learn so I don’t have to ask my husband lol


  4. The dress looks so ellegant on you! Your hair is also soooo beautiful!
    and for ebay that’s indeed an even more amazing dress! *O*

  5. Cute cute cute! Any chance you’re thinking of making the hair permanent? I love it! :)

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