dress | h&m divided
photos by liz van ek

I wasn’t planning on posting so many outfit posts so close together, but I was at H&M Divided the other day and noticed that this dress was hanging on the sales rack. I thought I’d post in any case anyone wanted to go out and get it! I, of course, paid full price for it, so I cursed a bit when I saw it. But my sister always says, whenever I’m grumbling about one my items going on sale later, that ‘at least I got to enjoy it longer!’ to try and soften the pain. Speaking of my sister, she shot these photos too! I think this constitutes more as a ‘look at this freakin dress its sewww pretteh’ rather than ‘look how good I am in putting pieces together’ as you can’t even see my boots. But whatever. Look at this pretty freakin’ dress and my sister Liz’s awesome freakin’ photography skills (once again!)


  1. Yep great photos – kudos to your sister! You don’t see enough lilac around these days… although this is exactly the kind of style that my short height can’t wear… looks good on you though! x

    • how short are ya? I’m only 160 but surprisingly this dress doesn’t even make me look that stumpy! I think its because of the uneven hem? thanks for your comment dear!

  2. Such beautiful photos as always, and of course you are a great model! The dress reminds me of a ballet dress (which is a good thing!).

  3. That dress is gorgeous!! Your sister is an amazing photograher too, I wish my sister would take pics of me haha I’m going to ask, hopefully she’ll say yes :)


    • I took some pics of her as well and we just kind of make a sister-bonding thing out of it. Maybe you can do that too? :D thanks for your comment dear x

  4. Ooooo your dress is so dreamy and perfect, Angie! Like a summer sprite!

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