Would you look at this magnificent, 120 colour palette I got from Ebay. Apparantly it’s exactly the same palette as the ones from Coastal Scents but you can get it much cheaper on Ebay if you shop around right.

The palette has 3 layers with 120 colours, which means a LOT of choice. Pay-off and application differs between colours, with the darker colours being more pigmented than the lighter ones. They are quite delicate though and do have fall out. In temrs of endurance, I think they last pretty well, but then again I never really notice a difference between brands because my eyes are quite water-y and I need to reapply anyway if I want to go a full day and night. If I pack these on thick with a primer underneath, they will last me quite a couple of hours though.

They come in a black sleek packaging (see picture below). The case is not too sturdy but as long as you do not toss it around you should be good!

I think this palette is perfect if you like messing around with makeup and/or want to see what colours suit you or don’t suit you.  You can buy it here.


  1. looks awesome!

    xx fameliquorlove

  2. how amazing are the colorss!!! i got both my sisters one for xmas and they adore it and the colors are so stong and look amazing with the smokey eye looks! xxxxxx

  3. Oh wow, i’ve got the same palette! sooo fine =). I’ve opened my new blog lately, i’m curious what you think of it? xxx

  4. Looks like a brilliant palette. I love experimenting with colors, but I always come back to natural eyeshadows. Haha.

    Guilianna xx

  5. Sooo many vibrant choices! I don’t even think I’d know where to start… haha. Do you use Sugarpill makeup at all? I love them and their colors are super bright! It’s definitely pricey but they also include more product than most makeup brands. Anyway the bright colors just reminded me of them! :)

    • I’ve heard of them and they’re supposed to be real good so if I ever wanna splurge it will definitely be from them! I think the founder is really awesome too!

  6. WOW! Colour overload! What an awesome buy! – Molly

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