blouse forever21 | chino H&M || boots offbrand catwatch ebay

Hello, here I am again with a new outfit post! I also have a new hair colour – it came out a bit darker than intended (the packaging said chocolate brown!) but I have started to take a liking to it… I think I might keep it like this! A special shout to my friend Sanne who was so kind to take these pictures (this is also why I look a bit awkward, I never know what to do when someone else shoots my pics as opposed to me using a tripod…) Have a lovely day!


  1. Like the outfit very much! Really beautiful blouse, real classy. Lots of love!

  2. Angie your outfits are always so lovely… <3!

  3. That cat watch! Eeep! So cute!

  4. You outfit is so cute and your cat watch is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen – I need one! Love your hair colour too. It really suits you.

  5. the cat watch is so cook! Love the look <3

  6. This outfit is wonderful and I like your new haircolor! The blue blouse is very pretty and the watch is so cute!

  7. Love the watch, so cute :3

  8. Such a lovely look and beautiful blue on you. I love the watch, the kitty style is so cute. TL. Xx


  9. Blue looks so good on you! 😍

  10. Cute Watch , I have just discovered your blog you have such nice style !!!

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