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I have a lot to apologise for! First, sorry that my NYE outfit is so late. My excuse is that I’ve been sick for the most part of January, and that I had loaned out my camera to a friend. Second, sorry for the grainy photos, but  at least now I know I really shouldn’t crank up my ISO so high! (The more you learn.) Third, sorry for the pouty-wannabe-model faces. However, I always look slightly deranged when I smile when I’m taking photos of myself, so I prefer the pouty faces. :)


  1. Great stuff – love the outfit. Hope you are feeling better now (or at least are on the mend!) xx

  2. awww, hope you’re feeling better now!! The outfit is very pretty though! <3


  3. Kanjer! ;) En beterschap meid! xx

  4. I really love this look–the black lace and blush tulle skirt is something I haven’t seen before. It looks so classy! I hope that you feel better.



  5. I thought it was a dress at first. You look stylish in it :)

  6. haha :D so much apologise, no need for that! :D I adore your late nye outfit, (it much more refreshing to see them late!) I adore the dress very much! Besides, I think the pictures have turned out so fine. The texture in the pictures only make it artistic in my opinion :) and I love how you look in the pictures ^_^


  7. Happy New Year, hope you’re much better now. You look great regardless and your simple style combo is adorable. Sweet but stylish.

    Stay Stylish, TL. Xx
    Twynkle Loves

  8. You look sooo wonderful! I love the look and photos! X Anna


  9. Oh what a pretty outfit! <3

  10. i actually like the graininess, it adds to the floatiness of your skirt – very pretty outfit! x

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