Oops sorry for not updating for so long, but I’m stressing out because I have endterms this week. Anyway, here’s a post in which I thought I’d show you my Städter Metal Bow Cutter – these little bows are perfect for Christmas! Before I had this cutter, I actually made my bows in a similar way, but just used a knife to cut the fondant. So you don’t necessarily need the cutter.

1) You’ll need two half long strips (on the picture they are roundish, but square works as well), which ends you fold together and glue together with some sugar glue (water or milk with some icing sugar or regular sugar).
2) You then face those two in front of each other, and lower a smaller strip (pictured on the bottom) on top of it and fold over both of them.
3) Then you cut out two long strips, and cut out a little triangle at the end to resemble ribbons, and paste the bow on top of that. Et voilà :)



  1. How fun! These are the cutest little bows – I’ll have to try something like this out the next time I make cupcakes or cookies!

  2. Very cute!! these are the kind of bows I wish I knew how to make! Once I have the money, I’m gonna start baking~ You inspire me quite a bit with your yummy sweets that you post on here! ^-^

  3. You are the cupcake queen! These look so delicious x Sushi

  4. Good luck on your end-terms!!! I finished mine last week, and it felt great to be done. ;)

  5. Just checked out a few of your posts and they are so fun! You do a great job with the photography too. I like your fun bold style and would love to eat some of your baked items!

  6. Oh so cute!

    I sadly don’t have an oven, but maybe that’s a good thing because I would be making cakes every weekend!!

  7. hahaha! thanks for your comment!

  8. Those cupcakes are so so adorable :)

  9. wow!! those are amazing! super cute cupcakes! I’m falling in love with them!!! <3

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