As you might know, I am currently studying English Language & Culture. So when one of my fellow classmates asked me to submit something about cupcakes for the English students’ magazine, Writer’s Block, I ofcourse happily obliged. I made these yummy cupcakes using the cutest British flag cups and submitted the recipe. There was one problem, though. It’s a literary magazine, so a recipe hardly fits, right? So they decided to turn it into a ballad. If it hadn’t been on such short notice I would have loved to do it myself, but all credit goes to Ines. The ballad is genius and I laughed so hard when I read it! (if you want to read it drag the image to your browser)

Pictured here: Cupcake dipped in a bowl of xl chocolate jimmies, crushed Oreos carefully sprinkled over cupcake, and a fondant bow placed on top.

Love, Angie


  1. like like like!

  2. These are so cute! Love the Union Jack cupcake liners, such a nice touch. Bet they’re delicious too.

  3. Angie these look SO cute!

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  4. That second cupcake looks amazing! I wish we could just pick things off of the screen to eat them ;)

  5. These look amazing! I need to try this x Sushi

  6. thank you hun!

  7. YES! like in charlie + the chocolate factory!

  8. thank you Magali! the liners are actually the only things making it British haha.

  9. :D

  10. thanks Sushi :D and yesss! they’re good.

  11. These have made me sooo hungry now!

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