Outfit details:
Top – H&M
Skirt – Zara
Belt – Yes Style
Tights – H&M
Flats – JC Penny

This is what I wore to go mini-golfing! Disclaimer: my tights are amateurishly photoshopped because apparantly I walked around with one of the legs backwards all day and nobody noticed. So this is how I WOULD have looked like if I were able to dress properly, like an adult…



  1. So cute! I have those stockings too, really need to wear them more x Sushi

  2. You look AMAZING!! love those tights and I totally didn’t notice the photo shopping ;) you have wicked taste

  3. yes they are so cute! so afraid of ripping them though…

  4. haha, cool! thanks so much :)

  5. Amazing stocking!!! you rock them!!! xxx

  6. You look amazing! Love those tights

  7. thank you so much!

  8. aww thanks :) x

  9. Lovely Angie! I can’t see the photoshopping either :D Sweet lace too! :)

  10. i love those tights! omg. i don’t even care that they’re on backwards :) x

  11. thank you dear :)

  12. hi chantilly, thank you! they are pretty cool I agree x

  13. Cute top! I’m loving lace, and am looking for a cute top like that to add to my closet :)

  14. Lovely top! I love lace!

  15. Wow….so pretty!!! love your top!!! xxx

  16. Looking oh so pretty girl. The skirt is adorable.

    <3 Marina

  17. Cute outfit Angie! I love lace :)


  18. me too! thanks for your comment xo!

  19. hey, thanks again :)

  20. thank you so much Marina! xo

  21. thanks Susie! me too :) xo

  22. nice lace top!!! and cute heart details on the tights!

    xoxo jenna

  23. Wow!! I am so jealous of people that can take fabulous pictures… I would settle for being able to take okay pics!! Love your blog!

  24. that is so sweet! I was just lucky I was there though :) x

  25. thank you Jenna :D

  26. such a cute outfit, the thighs are adorable! And ofcourse, thankyou for following me<3 How can I follow you back? I don’t have bloglovin hm… :c

  27. thank you :D Unfortunately I don’t have GFC :( but I do have RSS as an alternative. Whatever you want :)

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