Top: PopAsia
Socks: PopAsia (buy them here)
Skirt: H&M

Recently, I was contacted by PopAsia, a webshop specializing in Asian fashion and other things that I really love and have also bought my bow from this outfit from. They asked me if I wanted to review their socks and I said yes! I always intended to wear more knee-high socks and this was the perfect opportunity. They send me the black socks pictured here – simple, but it really can finish an outfit! They are also super comfortable. The thing that kept me from wearing knee-socks is that I was worried about them slipping, but actually these stay perfectly in place. If you want to buy them, they are not that expensive, and you can do so here. I am going to wear the heck out of them, that’s for sure.

In addition, they also sent me this top! Isn’t it lovely? It goes really well with the socks! They also send me a kitty cookie cutter (how perfect is that?) – from which you will see the results very very soon.

Seriously, check out this webshop. It might be Dutch, but they send internationally as well. If you need help, I’m right here – or just shoot their lovely customer service an email!

PopAsia. Check it out!

What do you say, do you like this outfit? Do you, or would you, wear knee socks?



  1. LOVE the socks :)

  2. heel erg leuk!

  3. I am weirdly obsessed with photos like the last one… It always looks so cool. xx

  4. Wooow not only do the pictures look amazing, but the clothes are sooo pretty!! It looks great!

  5. so cute! you’re really creative when it comes to outfits:)

  6. thank you Emma <3 x

  7. thank you Danai :) appreciate it x

  8. dankjewel :D x

  9. haha thank you :) I agree! x

  10. Thanks girl! x

  11. aww thanks Kasia <3 x

  12. LOVE the top in combination with the skirt! And I would totally wear knee socks. Tip: when it’s winter and tights are too cold, wear knee socks over your panty hose, warm and it looks nice :)

  13. Btw, first pic is awesome

  14. Thanks bb!

  15. yeah! totally doing that! thanks bb x

  16. The dress is perfect for you. Girly, feminine with a touch of nautical inspiration.

  17. OMG this is such a cute outfit!!!! You look so adorable :)


  18. Not everyone can pull off knee-high socks, but you definitely can! I love this look!

  19. Love your photos!

  20. thank you! I love it :) x

  21. thank you Ang :D

  22. really? thank you :D x

  23. Thank you :)

  24. Such cute pictures love that dress.
    Tobruckave Blog

  25. I love the shoulders on the top :)



  26. thank you Kiara :D

  27. Me too :) thank you for your comment Joanne xo

  28. Oh I love your outfits! I’ve actually recently started to show my outfits at my blog and found it to be fun. Love different type of fashion and styles :D

    /A new swedish fan of yours!

  29. Could you be anymore darling?! Love this look and those socks are going to make a wonderful addition to your already delightful wardrobe!

    Love & Lollies… Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  30. looove this outfit!!!!

  31. aww thank you! such a sweet comment <3 xo

  32. thank you Constance <3

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