I am so excited right now, guys! The endterms are over for me, and I passed my first one (a subject actually dubbed ‘hell’) with flying colours. Although for the other tests results are pending and I still might have to resit, I actually feared that one most so I am super glad. In addition, I’ve been contacted by PopAsia for a collaboration which you guys will see soon. It is going to be super cool! My OASAP dress should come in soon, too. Also I am going to make some delicious cupcakes this week. Yay! Life is good.

I realised I never showed you part two of my photography series, Beautiful town, I love you showcasing the beauty of Amsterdam. So here are some other shots I snapped that day. Again, I am no professional so any HELPFUl, constructive criticism is very welcome.

I’ve really grown to love this city!



  1. These are lovely! One of the most helpful feedback I ever got when getting my BFA in Photography was to always be careful about where to crop my pictures. Lines lead our eyes and depending where we crop things our eyes tend to move outwards (like in pic number 3). In all, super job!!!

  2. Amsterdam is so pretty! I’ve always wanted to go. Great photos!

  3. WOO HOO!! I love finishing exams!! unfortunately my two aren’t till the 18th :( on the same day but I will live vicariously through you!! :)

    I think the pics are great, and I like the way the H&M and pigeon shot look together

  4. thank you sweetheart! x

  5. haha! good luck on your exams, you can do it :) just a little while longer!
    thanks so much <3 x

  6. I totally see that! thanks for that, very helpful :) thank you x

  7. i want that bike x

  8. I know, right? its pretty cool! thanks for your comment xo

  9. Congratulations on finishing your exams! I really like these photos, particularly the first two :)

  10. Congrats on all the achievements, babe! You deserve it :) Did you get to choose your own outfit from Oasap or they choose for you? Sorry hope you don’t mind my curiousity :)

    Come check out my new obsession :

  11. thank you so much! and it’s no problem at all. actually, they gave me credits to their webshop (probably based on pageviews, readership? I’m not sure). Say you get 20 credits, thats 20 dollars. you can pick out something for 20, in which case its free, or for example, 40, and you still pay the remaining 20. So yes, you get to pick yourself :) you could also do 2×10, I think! Hope that answers your question x

  12. thank you so much Megsy! x

  13. angie! :D So proud of youu! Congrats darlinggg! You should be so proud of yourself. You deserve a relaxing week and baking sessions! haha. By the way, what is Pop asia? haha. thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog. You make my day! God bless :) x

  14. thank you suelyn, that is so sweet! PopAsia is a webshop specializing in Asian fashion and other Asian things :) You can find their link in my sidebar, but I will soon post more about them, still working on it :) x

  15. Congrats on your endterm! Amsterdam is a dream place to live. So beautiful. Funny thing, I recently had Amsterdam on my history of town planning test :)

  16. Getting over endterms (finals?) is the best feeling ever :) the feeling of liberty! Congrats on passing!

    Amsterdam looks beautiful! When people post pictures of Europe I get a serious craving to go there!


  17. Amazing pics, the city looks so beautiful!

  18. thank you! really? as in a school test or? :) x

  19. I know right? thank you so much :) Yess altho Europe is really big! x

  20. thank you :) x

  21. I wish I can visit Amsterdam so bad!!!! Those are such beautiful photos btw :)

  22. thank you Ang! you shouuuld! :) x

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wow! :) Love those pictures! ^^

  24. Wow! :) Beautiful shots! ^^

  25. Beautiful photography! These are stunning shots. I can’t wait to see more photos of the city. I hope to visit Amsterdam one day.

  26. thank you so much, whoever you are! x

  27. thank you! x

  28. thanks so much! and you really should :) x

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