Remember when I got that camera? And then I didn’t do anything with it? Well, now I have! I went with Ines (who is the Abed to my Troy) to take pictures of the beautiful city that our university is in: Amsterdam! We totally got our photographer on and I have decided that I should definitely carry my camera around more often. Here’s a few of my photos! I’m not posting everything right now because it would be too image heavy but also so I can spread it out in a few posts. By any means, I’m not a professional so I’d LOVE tips and helpful criticism.

love, Angie


  1. Beautiful hon! Love the one with the tram, dark on the bottom of the photo, resembeling the difficult journeys to the city where we study. And than the buildings on the top, bathing in sunlight, resembeling that, actually, it’s great when we’re there.
    The picture with the bridge: really classy, love it!
    And I allways love flowers!

    My English isn’t nearly as good as yours, I apologize for this.. Just like you, I’m still learning!
    And reading English is way easier than writing it..


  2. Beautiful city! Making me want to pack up a suitcase and book a few tickets, need to travel!

  3. Gorgeous <3 Die eerste foto is mijn favoriet!

  4. dankje voor je comment soesje!

  5. yes it really is, especially now that it is sunny! thanks for your comment :) x

  6. thank you sweetheart! that’s way deeper than I was thinking, haha.
    thanks for your comment and your English is fine! x

  7. Pretty pictures!

  8. thank you doll <3

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